JeanLuc Van Den Heede

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede (born 8 June 1945 in Amiens) is a French sailor. He is best known for his achievements in single-handed sailing and set the current world-record for the westabout circumnavigation (he holds the overall record, i.e. although he sailed solo, nobody was faster on this route with a crewed boat).

He started sailing at the age of 17. In the Breton port city of Lorient he worked as a mathematics teacher. After 1989 he became a full-time sailor. Among sailors, he is also known by his initials VDH.


In 2001 Nautos supplies all of the pads for Adrien, an 84-foot sailboat built for the purpose of record breaking.

In 2004 Jean Luc Van Den Heede sets the new record of Around the World solo without nonstop and against the winds in a monohull sailboat.


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